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【Outdoor wood burning bath

​Enjoy Karuizawa beautiful nature in a outdoor wood burning bath (Your own private yard)

【BBQ set rental(+8000JPY Pay at hotel)】

・BBQ stove ( Weber USA)

・BBQ charcoal 6kg, fire starter, lighter, rapid fire chimney starter

・Table, chair

・Charcoal tongs, meat tongs

・disposable paper plates, chopsticks, cups, gloves

・Rabbit bag, Tarp (rain or shine)

Please prepare food and drinks and seasoning by yourself. 

No need to clean up everything after use. 

Our staff will help you star the fire quickly.


【Bonfire rental(+7000JPY Pay at hotel)・Please NO outside equipment

・High grade bonfire stove


・Fire starter, fire lighter

・tongs, glove

・Chair, light

Our staff will help you star the fire, and we will clean up the stove at approx. 22 oclock.

You do NOT need to clean up.

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